The Best Remedy comes from Nature!

Travel Sets

Medicine Bowl Travel Set

Medicine Bowl Travel Set


2 oz Sweet NIP Auromatic Spritz
2 oz Sweet NIP Lotion
2 oz. Cleanse Auroma
2 oz Trauma Remedy Lotion
30 ml Sinus Remedy Vital Oil
30 ml Universal Remedy vital Oil

A Remedy for any Occasion and every Adventure.

Clear the air and disinfect the room with Cleanse. Fight a virus, protect after exposure and stimulate the Immune System with Sweet NIP. Every “Boo-Boo” needs Trauma as do stress, headache and cramps. Sinus Remedy keeps you breathing, and Universal Remedy Treats and cleans any injury, burn and wound.

Bottles and clear Travel Bag meet Airline Requirements.

Medicine Bowl Travel Set

Sweet NIP Breast Care

Breast Care Package

A must for every woman!

Includes vinyl travel bag and Self Care Breast Massage & Lymphatic Drain Protocol, 4 page illustrated instructions and laminated quick reference guide

Breast Care Sets

Sweet NIP Travel Set

Sweet Nip Travel Set

2 oz Auromatic Spritz
2 oz Lotion
2 oz Oil includes a vinyl travel bag

Travel Set