The Best Remedy comes from Nature!

Our Best Natural Protection
Sweet NIP

Two Old World Remedies with a New World Application

NIP (Natural Invasion Protection) Essential Blend with Sugi, “The Mother Plant,” “Natural Medicine” of the Native, Desert People.

Sweet NIP

All Natural, Alternative Care Remedy to help protect against
the cold and flu viruses, Herpes, and bacterial infection.

Stimulates the Immune System to help You Get Well and Stay Well.

Sweet NIP combines the power of NIP Essential Blend, a synergy of Eucalyptus Radiata, Clove, Cinnamon, Rosemary and Lemon, with Sugi, medicine of the Native desert people, used for hundreds of years to treat whatever ails a body.

NIP helps protect from viral and bacterial invasion, stimulates and Strengthens the Immune System and fight against Herpes. NIP is based on a formula for “Thieves,” used to protect against the plague.

Sugi, “the Mother Plant,” used to disinfect and inhibit the growth of bacteria and viruses. A natural anti-inflammatory and sun block. Helps rashes and dry skin.

When we put NIP with Sugi, we created a very powerful “Natural Remedy” for a Cold, Flu, Arthritis, Rheumatism, inflammation, muscle and joint pain, infection, cramps, auto-immune disorders (MS, Epstein-Barr, Lupus, Chronic Fatigue,) the Herpes Virus and Fibromyalgia. Sugi is high in anti-oxidants and bioflavonoids (cleans and protects the body) equal to the Clove and Cinnamon oils in the NIP Essential Blend.

2 oz Auromatic
4 oz Auromatic
8 oz Auromatic
Body Oil
Skin Care Oil

“At the first sign of a cold or flu, scratchy throat, itchy sinuses, I put a spritz of Sweet NIP Oil or Auromatic down the hatch, and I just don’t get that sickness! I use the auromatic on my kids as they leave for school, and they stay well. We’ve even used the Sugi on the neck to ward off a threatening sore throat and it worked! I LOVE my Sweet NIP and Sugi Infused Oil!”
AK, Arizona

Sweet NIP Breast Care

Breast Care Package

A must for every woman!

Includes vinyl travel bag and Self Care Breast Massage & Lymphatic Drain Protocol, 4 page illustrated instructions and laminated quick reference guide

Breast Care Sets

Sweet NIPpits Candy

Grandma’s Remedy at its Best!

Sweet NIPpits Candy

Sweet NIPpit blends NIP (Natural Invasion Protection) Essential Oil, with Sugi Tincture. Sugi is high in anti-oxidants and bioflavinoids, equal to clove and cinnamon. Helps stimulate the Immune System, fight off sickness and protect against viral, and bacterial invasion. Helps decongest, soothe the throat and open airways. Use as needed.

“For Travelin’ Health and Wellness.”


Store candy in the refrigerator for best results. Humidity makes the candy sticky. Hit the bag with the handle of a butter knife to break apart. Can be added to any tea or use it alone for a deliciously aromatic brew.

Not available from June through September, the monsoon season in the Sonoran Desert, the humidity is too high, the heat too intense, it weeps and clumps. Order early and keep refrigerated.

This is a seasonal item. Available from October - April. Order early and store in the refrigerator during humid weather.

Sweet NIP Travel Set

Sweet Nip Travel Set

2 oz Auromatic Spritz
2 oz Lotion
2 oz Oil includes a vinyl travel bag

Travel Set