The Best Remedy comes from Nature!

Time to Refresh Yourself with Your Personal Soular Signature Auroma.

The formula is written in the Stars, based on your Natal Astrology Chart. This represents the PURE ESSENCE of YOU!

Before life began to mold and shape you. Before you developed attitudes and opinions to adorn and protect.

Sometimes we need to take a break from the world around us. Take a deep breath and move within to align with our True Self, Our Perfect Soular Presence. Our Source of Wisdom, Compassion and Understanding, Honor and Dignity.

And from this place face the world and shine our Light!

Soular Signature Auroma $22.00
Anointing Oil $28.00
Refill vial $16.00
plus a one time set-up fee of $11.00
A $77.00 Value!
We run your chart, develop your formula and generate a personalized label. We send you: your Natal, Formula and our Soular Chakra Energy Charts.

4 oz Soular Signature Auroma, 1 free refill vial Set-Up Package and 15 ml Anointing Oil with glass dauber for body application. We need your name, date, time and location of birth. Please email: The Medicine Bowl