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Signature Auroma

Soular Signature Auroma

The formula is written in the stars! Your Soular Light represents a one-of-a kind mix of energies and consciousness reflecting a unique creative expression.

Your Signature Auroma is as unique and refreshing as you! We run your Natal, Astrology, Chart and formulate a synergy of essential oils and Liquid Light Elixirs to represent the heavenly energies present at birth infusing the Soul with Light, Attributes and Resource.

Mist yourself and the room with your Signature Auroma and strengthen your connection with Self... Self Awareness... Self Experience and Expression... Self Actualization and Empowerment... then move into life and respond from inner knowing and wisdom.

4 oz Auroma includes a personalized label.

First order requires a set-up package to: run the astrology chart, formulate the oil mix and create your personal label. We send you the astrology chart, formulation chart showing the mix and balance of energies Creating your Essential Blend, “the Essence of your Soul” and our Soular Chakra Energy System Chart.

4 oz Auroma $22.00
Set-Up (first order only) $11.00

4 oz Auroma $22.00
purple plastic bottle with black atomizer to use as a refill or fragrance

15 ml Essential Oil $27.00
cobalt blue bottle with dauber for anointing and a pipette for refilling Auroma

Soular Light Reflection $77.00
by Ishitah White Crow, resident Medicine Woman at Coyote Crossing. A written review the inherent strengths, life skills and resources reflected in the mix of Soular Chakra Energies to help claim, develop and empower life potential.

Empowerment Set $99.00
Set-up, 4 oz Auroma, and Soular Light Reflection

Life Mastery Set $122.00
Set-up, 4 oz Auroma, 15 ml Essential Oil for anointing or use as a body fragrance and refilling the Auroma, and Soular Light Reflection

Send the name, time, date and location of birth.

Make your Event or Ceremony Special with a Signature Event Auroma. Call for quote 520-746-3705

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