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Illumination Congress Auromas

These Auromas align with the World Congress on Illumination
held each year by New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose.

Inspired by the Masters of Light, they assist with:
Embracing a New Era in Conscious Development,
Empowering the Soul’s Purpose and Path,
Encouraging the Journey into Light.

for information on the New Age Study
Butterfly graphicof Humanity’s Purpose ~


4 oz Auroma $17.00
Set of 11 Auromas $177.00

Illumination 2009
Illumination 2009
Illumination 2010
Illumination 2011
Illumination 2011
Illumination 2012
Illumination 2012
Illumination 2013
Illumination 2013

Illumination 2014
Illumination 2015
Illumination 2016
Illumination 2017
Illumination 2018
Illumination 2019

Set of 11, 4oz Auromas, $177.00

Illumination Collection

Illumination 2020 will be sold exclusively at Era of Peace