The Best Remedy comes from Nature!

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Product Presentations ~ A Light~Hearted evening of smelling and sampling, spritzing to color the Auras and dazzle the senses. Testing and trying our wonderful array of products.

Kathleen brings an assortment of products to sample and for sale, catalogues, testers, newsletters and promotional materials. She needs a table for display and a gathering of those interested. This is an interractive evening. Please bring questions, concerns, and a desire for an adventure in sensory delight.

Everyday Health and Wellness working with essential oils for health, vitality and strength.
Soular Chakras the energies of the 12 Soular Chakras and how they empower life.
The Medicine Wheel explore the power of the Medicine Wheel, the elements, totems, clans and more, the wisdom of sacred space, and how the Medicine Wheel reflects the Circle of Life.

Have a theme in mind? We’ll respond to your interests.

Product Consultations ~ free ~ by phone, email or in person, Kathleen will answer questions, address concerns, and make recommendations when appropriate.

Personal and Client Assessment and Consultation ~ free - $55.00 per consultation ~ As a Healing Arts Professional and Teacher with over forty years training and experience, Kathleen can help understand and resolve body movement and soft tissue problems, recommend protocol and product for both you and your clients. Common Consultations: post surgical, post trauma, everyday Boo Boos, chronic and resistant conditions, and breast care for women.

Soular Development Assistance ~ $44.00 - $88 per session ~ Trained in Alchemical and Transpersonal Processing, Kathleen can assist in accessing the inner world to resolve life issues, then focus and ground the life force into present time, developing the life skills required and empowering the Soul as the Creator of Life. She incorporates Liquid Light Elixirs and Soular Chakra Auromas in the process to form an alignment within.

Stuck in a repeating issue or life dilemma? Can’t get beyond that attitude? Risistant to change? We can do a piece of work. You talk, I listen... I direct, you explore... You relate, I acknowledge... I offer, you take-in and process...
You express, I support... and...You become more alive, capable and accomplished in Your Life!

Spinal Rejuvenation Bodywork ~ $77.00 Full Spine Session ~ $99.00 Full Body ~ $??.00 Sliding Scale. Physiotherapy based protocol with essential oil products to relieve pain and stressful holding patterns, balance fluids and tensions, restore mobility, vitality and comfort. You’ll get off the table feeling so much better. Kathleen incorporates Liquid Light Elixirs, a Heart Chakra Crystal Bowl and Healing Drum to move and align energy. “I close the session with drops of Liquid Light, a spritz from one of Medicine Wheel Auromas and the Crystal Tone of Integration, Healing, Centered in the Soul’s Life-Path, Open to Receiving the Graces and Gifts of LIFE!”

Kathleen is masterful with the back and neck. Sessions available by appointment in Tucson and as scheduled while travelling.

Classes ~ call to discuss and schedule 520-746-3705

Soular Signature ~ $55.00 (includes charts and Soular Signature Auroma)
or ~ $99.00 (3 Signature Auromas; Soular Signature, Heavenly Host,Chakra EnergyBalance). The formula’s written in the stars! Based on the individual Natal Chart. We discuss the mix of energies that represent your Soular Signature, your ”Personal Essence”. Charts include: Natal Chart, Soular Chakra Energy System Chart, and Formulation Chart showing the mix and balance of energies. This class is pre-paid with information delivered 6 weeks prior to the gathering. We need the name,date, time and location of birth for each participant. We do Events.

Soular Chakra Development ~ $88.00 (includes a laminated Soular Chakra Chart and 12 Oils). or $144.00 ~ for chart and 12, 2 oz Soular Chakra Auromas. We discuss the 12 Soular Chakras, their relationship to the Astrological Signs, and how they reflect life skills, developmental issues, and the Path of Empowerment. This is a self-help class which encourages the individual to ~ get-Up, get-Out, get-Real, and get-Creating.

Soular Power Energy ~ $111.00 (includes laminated a Chakra Energy Wheel, book and 12 Oils). or $188.00 ~ includes 12, 2 oz Soular Chakra Auromas. We learn to work with our Chakra Energies, making Conscious Life Choices, and how to align and integrate Chakra Energies to Strengthen and Empower the Soul. Life is for Creating! Let’s create a life worth living and live a life worth creating.

Power of the Medicine Wheel ~ $133.00 (includes a laminated Medicine Wheel and 33 Oils). Working with the Medicine Wheel Auromas to create sacred space, invite guidance, clear energies and connect with the intelligence, wisdom and power of living in a living, interractive world. As we embrace the Circle of Life and respect all it’s creations, we find resources and insights which exceed our expectations, encourage our development and truly delight!

Spinal Rejuvenation Protocol ~ $288.00 2 day class. Includes 6 Vital Oils, 2, 8 oz lotions, 4 oz Magnesium Oil, 15 ml Essential Oil and book. For the Massage Therapist and Bodyworker who want to “take it to the next level”. Kathleen will teach techniques to decompress the body, flush and balance fluids, restore vital functions. Focus is on the spine with an emphasis on the Neck as the Key to stabilizing many chronic back issues. A healthy, spine supports a healthy, well functioning body. This Protocol embraces techniques of: Massage, Cranio-Sacral, Myofascial, Positional Release, Soft Tissue Repair and Dynamic Stabilization.

Having trained effective bodywork professionals, Kathleen developed and wrote this protocol. It represents the last twenty years of experience perfecting these techniques. Kathleen is masterful with the back and neck.