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Soular Power
Energy Book $7.00

A Guide to the Interplay of Soular Chakra Energies, the Life Skills they Bring into Play and our Ability to Live a Conscious, Cognitive Creation.

Soular Power
Energy Wheel $22.00

A rotating outer wheel aligns the Primary, Bridging and Light Frequencies of each Chakra, Creating the Power needed for the
Spiral of Life.
2 sided, laminated 9 x 11 1/2

Soular Chakra Energy
System Chart

Energy Wheel & Book $26.00

A quick reference guide to the Soular Chakras, the Astrological Sign, Universal Law, and the energies and life skills they represent. (One side of the Soular Power Energy Wheel)

Soular Power Set $55.00

Includes: Energy Wheel and Book, 12 Vials, 1 each, Soular Chakra Essential Oil and Ray/Chakra Elixir. To Anoint the Body and “Fragrance the Aura’s Attitude.”

Life Mastery Set $177.00

Includes: Energy Wheel and Book, 12 Soular Chakra 2 oz Auromas, 13 Liquid Light, Master Connection Remedy Bottles.