The Best Remedy comes from Nature!

Our Products are Safe for Pet Care

Man’s Best Friend Deserves the Best!

We love our Doggie Friends, have successfully
used our products to treat common conditions
and maintain Good Doggie Health. Sometimes, they lick the oils, and it’s OK. They seem to work
well both inside and out.

Universal Remedy Vital Oil
Helps little misshaps and life’s boo-boo’s Clean ears. Disinfect and Clean a wound, treat a rash, sunburn, insect bites.

Universal Remedy Vital Oil

Trauma Remedy Vital Oil
For the bigger boo-boo’s, bee stings bug bites, burns, cuts and scrapes. Disinfect, relieve pain, stimulate healing.

Trauma Remedy Vital Oil

Doggie Ear Vital Oil
Resolves doggie ear problems! inside the ear and rub. Clean ear with
Q-tip dipped in oil. Packaged in reducer cap bottle.

Doggie Ear Vital Oil

Cleanse Auroma
Clears negativity, disinfects, eliminates bacteria, virus mold, fungus and odor causing agents. All Natural Insect Repelant. Neutralizes mosquito bites. Helps minor skin irritations. Mist beds, toys, blankets, the house and the dog.

Cleanse Auroma

Muscle Tonic Massage & Body Oil
Helps muscle and joint aches and pains. Good for arthritic joints, strains and over exertion. Apply to body and massage. The fur is not a hindrance. The body takes the oil in and leaves the coat shiny and smooth.

Tonic Massage & Body Oil

Basically, whatever you use on yourself, you can use on your pet. Cat’s don’t like the smells. They interfere with their ultra-sensative smelling. Unlike alcohol based perfume oils, our natural essential oils are active, and readily asorbed.

Treating puppies is just like treating children. Reduced or half strength is often recommended. Universal and Trauma seem to be safe for all ages and species, though full strength is often an overkill. Use wisely, and as needed.

Sweet NIP, Natural Invasion Protection,
for your Pet’s Health & Wellness

NIP Essential Oil with Sugi’, Medicinal Plant of the Native Desert People,
who used it used to treat skin conditions, pain, infections, colds and flus.

Sweet NIP Auromatic and Oil ~ Our Get-Well, Stay-Well Go-To
with strong anti-viral/bacterial essential oils and Immune Stimulation.
Spray your pet, and their bedding with the water based spritz.
Apply oil to pet and gently rub in. Hair or fur does not interfere.

Sweet NIP Spritz ~ NIP Essential Oil with Sugi’ Tincture in Distilled Water

Sweet NIP Spritz

Sweet NIP Oil ~ NIP Essential Oil and Sugi’
Infused Oil in Fractionated Coconut Oil.

Sweet NIP Oil

Doggie Protection Set
Sweet NIP Spritz and Oil

Doggie Protection Set

“Hi, I’m Nina, and I’m so excited. I’m actually growing hair, a nice, healthy coat. I’ve suffered from an unusual type of mange, almost from birth. My skin was always covered with scabs, cracks, itchy red bumps and no one touched me much. It hurt to be touched. I took prescribed medicine and every time I was supposed to take 30 days off, I’d break-out again. I was not having a fun life.

”Poor Amy tried so hard to help me and it never worked much.Then, she tried the Sugi’ Infused Oil. She has these products all over the house, and uses them for human conditions. She sprayed me with the oil and almost immediately I felt relief from the irritation and itching. I’m feeling so much better now, and my moods have improved.

“My skin is healing and the mange has disappeared. I’m growing hair, and love to have my humans pet and rub me. They seem to like it too. I’m part of the family now. I sure am glad Amy rescued me... twice. It gave me a new lease on life.”

Sugi’ Infused Oil ~ Sugi’ Plant infused in Fractionated Coconut Oil. Apply daily until condition is healed then gradually reduce to find maintenance frequency.

Sugi' Infused Oil