The Best Remedy comes from Nature!

Medicine Wheel Collection
$388.00 33, 4 oz bottles

Gathering of the Clans
Gathering of the Clans
Earth, Turtle Medicine
Air, Butterfly Medicine
Fire, Thunderbird Medicine
Water, Frog Medicine
Gathering of Clans Set $55.00
The 4 Elements

Walks in Balance
Walks in Balance
Hawk, Warrior/Raven, Healer
Beaver, Establish/Snake, Explore
Deer, Personal/Elk, Spiritual
Flicker, Inspire/Snow Goose, Achieve
Sturgeon, Empower/Otter, Expand
Bear, Physical World/Wolf, Soul’s Path
Walks in Balance Set $77.00
Walks in Balance

The Guardians
the Guardians
7 Sisters, the female, Yin Energies
Elders, the male, Yang Energies
Sisterhood, merging the Yin and Yang
in Co-Creatorship
Guardians Set $44.00
The Guardians

The 4 Winds
The 4 Winds
East, Eagle Medicine
South, Coyote Medicine
West, Grizzly Bear Medicine
North, White Buffalo Medicine
4 Winds Set $55.00
The 4 Winds

 Totems of the Moons
Totems of the Moons
January, Capricorn, Earth Renewal
Moon, Snow Goose Medicine.
February, Aquarius, Rest and
Cleansing Moon, Otter Medicine.
March, Pisces, Big winds
Moon, Wolf Medicine.
April, Aries, Budding Trees
Moon, Hawk Medicine.
May, Taurus, Frogs Return
Moon, Beaver Medicine.
June, Gemini, Corn Planting
Moon, Deer Medicine.
July, Cancer, Strong Sun
Moon, Flicker Medicine.
August, Leo, Ripe Berries
Moon, Sturgeon Medicine.
September, Virgo, Harvest
Moon, Bear Medicine.
October, Libra, Ducks Fly
Moon, Raven Medicine.
November, Scorpio, Freeze Up
Moon, Snake Medicine.
December, Sagittarius, Long
Snows Moon, Elk Medicine.
Totems Set $155.00
Totems of the Moons

Grandmother Moon
Grandmother Moon
, Waxing Moon,
Awakens to Life.
Summer, Full Moon,
Build Resources.
Fall, Waning Moon,
Season of Offering.
Winter, New Moon,
The Dream Lodge.
Grandmother Moon
Set $55.00
Grandmother Moon

Medicine Wheel Chart
Medicine Wheel $15.00
laminated 9 x 12,
with Information Packet