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Magnesium & Trauma Remedies

Magnesium Oil

For muscle and joint pain, excess tension and circulation. Helps detox, stress, Fibromyalgia, exhaustion, and restless muscles. Helps strengthen the Heart. Add to water for body mist, bath and foot soak. Anti-aging properties help, drain, tone and smooth the skin.

100% Pure Prehistoric Magnesium Oil

Working with Magnesium Oil~ Body Soak ~ add 2-4 ounces Magnesium Oil to a hot bath and soak 20-30 minutes. Foot Soak ~ mix 2-4 ounces Magnesium Oil with enough water cover the feet. Soak 15-20 minutes. Restore Magnesium Levels ~ Soak 6 days a week for 3-4 weeks to restore the magnesium level to the cells then 1-2 times a week as maintenance. Sustain Magnesium Levels ~ Spray the body as desired, pay attention to the bottoms of the feet and across the heart. Treat a Muscle or Joint Strain ~ add 2 oz Magnesium Oil to a bath and soak 30-40 minutes. Dry off. Mist the affected area with Magnesium Oil. Follow immediately with Trauma Remedy Lotion. Gently massage. Repeat as needed and always at bedtime. Support the body’s natural healing process. It recovers during rest and repairs itself during sleep. Magnesium Oil and Trauma Lotion will help the body Rest, Recover and Repair.
Anti-Aging ~ Mix a solution of 50% Magnesium Oil with 50% distilled water - or any comfortable dilution. Mist the entire body (remove contact lenses before spraying face).

Keep straight Magnesium Oil away from eyes and mucous membrane Natural Prehistoric Sea Salt Liquid.

Magnesium Oil with flip top

Trauma Remedy

The First Response Oil

Relieves pain, swelling, and bruising. Stimulates tissue regeneration. It Really Works!!

Trauma Remedy Essential Oil is our first response oil in treating musculoskeletal trauma and injury: muscle, tendon or ligament strain; impact or sprain to a joint; broken bone. Trauma Remedy works exceptionally well with bruising, swelling and neutralizing insect poison As the injured site heals, and the immediate trauma subsides, the Lotion strength supports the healing process to completion. If you feel like the lotion isn’t quite strong enough, add a drop or two of essential oil on top of the lotion and work it in.

Trauma Lotion works well for menstrual and intestinal cramps, headaches, and general over stimulated, over tired and over stressed muscles, sunburns, insect bites and outdoor mishaps. Apply to the “Boo-Boo” immediately. Repeat as needed to reduce and control pain, swelling and bruising. Reduces the risk of blood clots and stimulates tissue regeneration. Great massage lotion to soothe, comfort and stimulate healing.

Trauma Essential Oil
Trauma Lotion

Crash & Burn Remedy Sets

Crash and Burn Handler's Guide

Set includes 10 ml Trauma Essential Oil and Travel Bag

Set with 10ml Trauma Essential Oil