The Best Remedy comes from Nature!



3% Essential oil in a paraben free, premium, unscented lotion base with Shea Butter, Honey, Aloe and Silk Protein. Provides a rich, creamy base for our essential blends. Never oily, helps moisturize and hydrate the skin.

Cleanse~ best ~ hand sanitizer, bacteria buster, anti-viral & fungal synergy; ~ helps with ~ itching, rashes, insect bites and Immune Strengthening.


Muscle Tonic~ tired, sore, achy muscles, Fibromyalgia and tension headaches. Balance fluids, detoxify tissue. Excellent all-purpose Body Tonic.

Muscle Tonic

Relaxation Tonic~ helps calm restless leg syndrome. Enhances circulation.

Relaxation Tonic

Skin Rejuvenation~ restore and maintain healthy skin, moisturizing and replenishing. Helps reduce Rosacea and age lines.

Skin Rejuvenation

Stress Relief~ relieve stress, fatigue, headache. Helps relieve, refresh and renew the physical and mental bodies.

Stress Relief

Sweet NIP~ anti-cold, flu, virus and bacteria. Clears airways. Stimulates the Immune System. Natural Invasion Protection.

Sweet NIP

Toning Formula~ balance fluids, relieve achiness and equalize muscle tension. A refreshing and envigorating blend of oils to help you Feel Alive!

Toning Formula

Trauma Remedy~ relieve pain, swelling, bruising. Stimulate tissue regeneration. All purpose healing lotion, rashes, cramps, headache, backache.

Trauma Remedy

Universal Remedy~ disinfect, relieve pain and promote healing. Good for burns, rashes, bruises, injuries, insect bites, ear aches, headaches and RELAXATION. Child and Pet friendly!

Universal Remedy