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Aromatherapy Essential Oils with Home Remedy Application.

Looking for Alternative Care? Our products serve your Essential Needs, for everyday health and wellness, personal growth, and inspiring the journey into Light. We carry All Natural, alternative care products to improve the quality of your life.

What is Vital Oil? Our Vital Oil is essential Oil in a Fractionated Coconut Carrier Oil. We use 30% essential oil. This creates a high potency formula that's safe for direct application. Skin sensitivities vary and we always recommended you test your skin to determine your sensitivity level. If this strength seems too strong, you can add any vegetable oil to dilute the essential oil, or you can purchase Fractionated Coconut Oil and use it.

Which is best Essential Oil or Vital Oil? Essential Oil is potent, and with the exception of Lavender, Universal Remedy and Trauma Remedy, there is no benefit to using straight, "neat" essential oil. Many oils have contra indications for direct application, and in our opinion, it's a waste of expensive oil. When we developed our Vital Oil, we found that 30% seemed to be the maximum beneficial level, with the exception of Universal and Trauma which do have benefit as a neat oil, especially when treating a burn, injury or insect bite.

What is Fractionated Coconut Oil? Fractionated Coconut Oil is the low C5-C8 Triglycerides which have been separated from the Coconut Oil. This oil is odorless, colorless and the consistency of water. It has a shelf life comparable to the essential oils, 30-50 years. We use it because it's the only carrier which won't go rancid and actually adds nothing to the essential oil. It merely "thins" it to make it safe for direct application.

What's the difference between the Bath Crystals and the Mineral Salts? The Bath crystals are a blend of Solar and Bali Reef Sea Salts. The Mineral Salts are a blend of Solar, Bali Reef, Dead Sea and Hawaiian red volcanic salt. It's a rich mix of salts with a higher level of minerals, trace minerals and electrolytes. This blend is comparable to a soak in one of the best spa mineral springs.

What's the best way to diffuse Essential Oil? We prefer to diffuse the oil with water or steam. A nebulizer carries the essential oil in mist. Our Auromatics carry the essential oil in water. Diffusers which throw the oil into the air use a lot of oil, can be very expensive, and we're not sure it has a lot of benefit. Essential Oil is so concentrated that a little goes a long way. Our favorite way is to use the body as the diffuser. Put the oil or spritz on yourself and use your body to release and absorb the healing constituents.