The Best Remedy comes from Nature!

Our“Get Well ~ Stay Well”
Go-to. Great for Protection
during the Cold/Flu Season,
or whenever exposed to
too much and too many.
Airports, hospitals and the
Doctor’s Office are teaming
with organisms looking for a
host. Keep your body strong
and protected.

Sweet NIP Spritz ~ our Best General Maintenance approach
to keep invasion at bay! Mist yourself and room. Use for
car, clothing, phone (key pad and case - yes; screen - NO),
luggage, money, hands and incoming packages. Keep away
from eyes and open wounds. Great for pets bed and body
Mist the outside of your mask
to block incoming “Bugs”.

Sweet NIP Lotion ~ our Best for General Maintenance,
whole body and frequent daily use. The upper chest and
neck are important for the Lymphatic and Immune Systems.
Sweet NIP opens Airways, and helps maintain Wellness.
Good for hand and face Sanitizing.

Sweet NIP Massage and Body Oil ~ Our Most Potent
Preparation for when you need the “Big Guns!” Apply
to neck, chest and stomach areas for Lymphatic Cleansing
and Immune Support. Compromised Immune Systems can use
the oil daily (sparingly) when out and about, and at bed time.
The body heals and repairs itself during sleep. A squirt down
the hatch will knock out annoying, soreness making “Bugs”.

Thank You for your continued support.
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Sweet Nip Special
includes 4 ounce Spritz, Lotion and Oil
includes a free 4 oz Spritz Refill.

We’re spreading Health and Wellness
throughout the World!

If you know someone who genuinely can’t
afford it and truly needs it ~ send their & address ~ we’ll send them a set.