The Best Remedy comes from Nature!

Angelmist Auromas

The Quintessence of Aromatherapy. All Natural Air & Body Mist. A Multi-Dimensional Synergy of Essential Oil and Liquid Light Elixir. Mist Yourself, the Room, your Pillow, and Change the "Aura" of Your Life.

Auroma ~ a Synergy of Essential Oil plus Liquid Light Elixir, Flower & Gem Essences, Formulas given by the Masters of Light.

Auroma ~ Essential Synergy of Light to Align the "Aura", Energy Field, and Empower Life. When do I work with the Auroma? When I need a shift in attitude or need to 'Change the Flow'. Helps Ground and Integrate into Life, then... Do Something Real.

Angelmist Classics

4 ounce bottles are Cobalt Blue Glass (2 ounce and 8 ounce bottles are plastic).

Recycle your Auromas with Refills!

Rainbow Garden Auromas use Classics 4 ounce refills.

Cleanse ~ clears the air of odors and negative energy. Eliminate sickness causing spores, virus and bacteria. Stimulate immune system. Great shoe and foot spritz for “stinky feet.” Cleans glass and mirror. Great bathroom disinfectant. All Natural insect repellent. Neutralize insect poison. Helps itching and canker sores.

Cleanse Classic 4oz Auroma
Cleanse Travel 2oz Auroma
Cleanse Economy 8oz Auroma
Cleanse Deluxe

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Energize ~ refresh the body and stimulate the adrenal. This nutmeg, citrus blend will help get the juices flowing again and increase the capacity to participate in life.

Energize Classic 4oz Auroma

Focus ~ clear the mind and refresh the senses. Helps collect scattered attention to Improve Concentration and Focus. Relieve mental fogginess.

Focus Classic 4oz Auroma

Joy ~ brighten the Heart and Lighten the Soul. Fill the atmosphere inside and out with Lightness and Joy.

Joy Classic 4oz Auroma

Midnight Lace ~ exotic, spicy and euphoric, this blend will carry you into the depths of the night, where the edges of reality fade into the potentials of eternal creation. Explore the realms of your inner world through the contours of your dreams and the colors of your imagination. Great Dream~Time enhancement.

Midnight Lace Classic 4oz Auroma

Prosperity ~ change the atmosphere inside and out with rich Earth Tones which attract Abundance and Magnetize the Resource and Opportunity to Pro$per!

Prosperity Classic 4oz Auroma

Angelmist Trio ~ Cleanse, Joy and Prosperity, 3, 4 oz. Auromas.

Angelmist Trio 4oz Auromas

Rainbow Garden

We Created New Packaging to Present our Angelmist Auromas in a Beautiful Array of Rainbow Colors. The Packaging Created a $avings to help Life Move Forward!

Rainbow Background
Flower and Dragonfly Image

We invite you to experience our
Rainbow Garden of Color
and Light Essentially Fragrant,
a Liquid Delight!

Essential Oils with Liquid Light Elixirs

Liquid Light the Master Connection
Rainbow Garden 4oz Auromas