The Best Remedy comes from Nature!

We Offer
the finest in Essential Oil based products
with pure Goodness in every bottle.

“Our Business is Healing, Our Pleasure...
Serving Your Essential Needs!”

The Medicine Bowl is dedicated to providing the best All Natural, Alternative Care Products to assist the healing process, support wellness, and stimulate personal growth.

We blend Essential Oils, “Earth Medicine,” with Vibrational Remedies, “Energy Medicine” to create a multi-faceted, multi-functional product to affect the physical, mental and emotional bodies, and change the Aura of Life.

Our “Natural Remedies” address everyday health issues with simple, pleasant, effective solutions.

Our formulas reflect the Wisdom of the Grandmother, the Skill of the Herbalist, the Vision of the Medicine Woman, the Heart of the Healer, and the Spirit of Aquarian Light.

We use the best Essential Oils, high quality, steam distilled, food and pharmaceutical grade to ensure the quality, and preserve the integrity of our products. We never use fillers, dispersing agents or additives. Every Element has a Purpose and adds Value to the mix.

Art by Ishitah White Crow

The “Medicine in our Bowl,” is designed to carry you to the next level of comfort, health and vitality. We invite you to try our products, and share the stories of your journey.

The Best Remedy comes from Nature!

Creators of our Ecclectic Array of Products

and the Medicine Bowl Sisterhood

We owe a Special Acknowledgment to ~ a Living World willing to share it’s Wisdom and Bounty, the Angels and Masters of Healing and Light so willing to teach and delight, the Power of the Medicine Wheel, the Spirit of Play and the Kinship of Linda, Ray, John and Anne.

Kathleen, Ishitah White Crow, Founder, Developer, Resident Medicine Woman, Presentation, Design and Layout, Voice of the Medicine Bowl. For presentations and classes.

Vivian, Yellowday, Designer of Logos, Graphic Flairs, and the Medicine Wheel Collection.

Jill, Jaya, Keeper of the Aquarian~Wave, Alignment for the Astro~Harmonic Collection.