The Best Remedy comes from Nature!

White Crow Rising

Kathleen Pemberton Carlson, Ishitah White Crow

Founder and Resident Medicine Woman for the Medicine Bowl

Kathleen Carlson

A Healing Arts Professional, trained and certified in Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy, Cranio-Sacral, Myofascial, Post Surgical Rehab, Soft Tissue Repair, Dynamic Stabilization, Transpersonal and Alchemical Processing. Kathleen has studied both Traditional and Alternative (Chinese and Native American) Medicines. She has the gift of Synergy, the ability to see how things can incorporate, support each other and present a new direction or perspective.

“When things are stuck, they need to take a breath and re-align. I hold it, ease the burden so it can take-a-breath and re-align. Working with Body and Soul is a Wonderous Dance. It carries me beyond my earthly training and into the mystical world of co-creation.”

Kathleen taught Anatomy and Physiology, Advanced Therapeutic Bodywork, Alchemical Processing and Bodywork, and sat on the Board of Directors for the DoveStar Alchemian Institute and Massage School when a back injury and failed surgery changed the course of her life.

“I was knocked flat, struggling to walk, unable to see most of my clients and teach the bodywork classes as they required demonstrating techniques I could no longer practice. I was getting lost in the maze of Muscle Relaxers, Anti-Inflammatories, and Pain Pills. I declined a second surgery which was more than I could wrap my head around, and refused to be disabled. I couldn’t imagine my life without my hands resolving some fascinating, soft tissue dilemma, bringing relief and a new perspective.

“Having danced in many worlds it was natural for me to explore alternative paths. I reached into my past to renew my acquaintance with the Medicine Wheel, seeking and receiving the Guidance of Spirit. I was inspired to work with Flower and Gem Essences, Vibrational Remedies, and was astounded by their profound impact. The concept, It’s all just energy took on new meaning. As I developed new alignments mentally, emotionally and Spiritually, my body responded and new avenues of healing presented themselves. I was introduced to Essential Oils, and reflecting on the wisdom of the Natives in using Natural Remedies to treat common conditions, I saw their healing potential. Soon, I was blending my own oils, then mixing them with elixirs for a multi-dimensional impact. I continue to be amazed at the ways in which elixirs and oils work!

“The journey has healed my back. I function and do what’s important. It changed how I respond to clients and their conditions. I understand the depth of impact, on all bodies ~ physical, mental, emotional and Soular. Healing occurs on all levels with all bodies integrating, strengthening, supporting life. I gained a deep understanding of the process of healing and building a new life. I know the committment it takes, the persistence required, and the wisdom acquired. I understand the task of plowing through frustration and disappointment, letting go of should, could and would, as self defeating and pointless. I understand the requirements for encouragement, acknowledgment, and belief in the personal process, finding the strength to Love it to Life, and don’t quit until after you’re done and have arrived at a most satisfactory place.”

Ishitah White Crow

Ishitah White Crow, Ishitah ~ Giver of Life, White Crow ~ Shifting Shapes through the Light of Cosmic Law. Healer, Teacher, Artist, Author, Alchemist and Medicine Woman who communes with flowers, gems, essential oils and the Etheric Realms, Touching the Soul, Receiving the Vision, Creating something of Substance. She Dances in the Garden where Spirit Plays and the Soul Awakens to Realize and Actualize Itself.

“Adversity is often our greatest sources of inspiration and wisdom. Sometimes, life smacks us against the wall. In those dire moments, as we Surrender and Reach, (open our arms and hearts) Spirit responds. Opportunity knocks. When we answer, the most wonderful things begin to unfold.

“The Journey forced me to stop Practicing Healing, and Learn To Heal, two very different experiences. Practicing is like trying, it never quite reaches the target.
Accomplish equals I CAN, I WILL, I ACT, I AM.”

Ishitah carries the lineage of the Medicine Man (Grandmother’s Grandfather was a Cherokee Medicine Man) and the Alchemist (Grandfather’s side, Dr. John Pemberton of Atlanta Georgia, pharmacist who formulated Coca Syrup as headache remedy, forerunner of Coca Cola. He was a bit of a Snake Oil Salesman who touted his remedy as a panacea, good for whatever ails ya.)

As Grandmother Moon she authors childrens stories, using her fanciful perspective to teach and entertain a third generation, her great-grandchildren.

Contact ~ by phone 520-746-3705 ~ email