The Best Remedy comes from Nature!

the 12 Rays
& Soular Chakras

Channeled blends of Flower and Gem Essences to Align our Energy to resolve issues, develop life skills and be a master of creating a life worth living.

The 12 Rays Represent the 12 Universal Laws of Divine Creation, the Harmonic Vibrations of Light Reflecting “the 12 Aspects of Deity,” and the Lessons and Life Skills of the Soular Chakras.

A Gift from the Masters of Light to help us Walk the Path of Life Developing the Skills of a Master.

Liquid Light Elixir 15 ml Remedy Bottle ~ $7.00

1 ~ Blue Ray ~ Law of First Cause “Let there Be Light!” Throat Chakra ~ Will, Determine.

2 ~ Yellow Ray ~ Law of Reflection, Enlightenment, “As Above, so Below.” Solar Plexus Chakra ~ Identity, Personal Power.

3 ~ Rose Ray ~ Law of Magnetism Divine Love, the Cohesive Power of the Universe. Magnified Heart Chakra ~ Unconditional Love, Magnetize, “Love it To Life.”

4 ~ Pearlescent Ray ~ Law of Vibration, Life is in Perpetual Motion. Naval Chakra ~Manifestation, Perception.

5 ~ Green Ray ~ Law of Cycles, Illumined Truth. Heart Chakra ~ Receive Life, integrate, Embrace.

6 ~ Ruby Ray ~ Law of Cause and Effect. Root Chakra ~ Ground, Action, the Cause & Warrior.

7 ~ Violet Ray ~ Law of Transmutation, Freedom. 3rd Eye Chakra ~ Vision, Inspiration.

8 ~ Aqua Aura Ray ~ Law of Polarities, in the world not of it, a Spiritually Free Being. Gateway Chakra ~ Clarity, Surrender, Grace in Transition.

9 ~ Magneta Ray ~ Law of Harmony. Soul~Star Chakra ~ Harmony, Integrity, Path of the Soul.

10 ~ Gold Ray~ Law of Balance. the Great Silence, Victory. Crown Chakra ~ Higher Self, Archetypes.

11 ~ Coral Ray~ Law of Perfection. Sacral Chakra ~ Creative Joy, Relationship.

12 ~ Opalescent Ray~ Law of Oneness, Rebirth and Rejuvenation. Unity Chakra ~ A Symphony, we are Participants in One Continuous Creation.

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Set of 12 Rays ~ $77.00 includes 4 oz Medicine Wheel Auroma and Liquid Light Book

Remedy Bottle ~ 15 ml, labeled, cobalt blue bottle with black dropper and enough Mother Elixir to make the first generation, 1X, Vibrational Remedy. You add the bottling medium, we like distilled water with 40% brandy (50/50 Apricot/Ginger. Apricot brings Joy, Ginger balance and strength.) Shake the bottle vigorously to “Potentize” the Remedy. When down to the last dropper-full, refill the bottle with prefered medium and shake vigorously. You now have 2X Remedy. Homeopathically speaking, the more times the Remedy is reduced and re-Potentized the more powerful it becomes.

Vinegar can be used in place of brandy. Without a preservative, the Remedy can become contaminated and grow things.

Liquid Light is a bioDynamic Vibrational Remedy bioDynamic Vibrational Remedy to Assist in Healing and Self-Empowerment.